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Food preparation done easy and well, with the 5 pieces set tool.


  • This set function offers slicing with thickness adjustment, Julienne and grating all-in-one set.
  • Fine ceramic blade’s wear rate is very slow hence it can maintain a sharp cutting edge for much longer time.
  • Fine ceramic blades does not emit metal ions, so they do not transfer metal odour to vegetables or fruits.
  • Fine ceramic blade is clean, without rust and easy to maintain.
  • It is OK to use bleaching agent for kitchen use to remove stains after long use.
  • Receiving tray is attached and convenient for use.


  • Dimension: 295 mm × 102 mm × 101 mm
  • Weight: 551 g
  • Material:
    • (Blade) Fine Ceramics
    • (Comb blade) Polyacetal
    • (Main body) ABS resin
    • (thickness adjustment bar) Polyacetal
    • (Protector) ABS resin
    • (Receiving container, cover) AS resin (nonslip) silicone
  • Heatproof temperature: 70 ℃

Family of 5 Multi-Slicer Set

SKU: CSN-550
    • Do not wash in a dishwasher dryer.
    • Slice ingredients by pushing forward in uni-direction from the front to the far end.
    • When slicing the food, please take care not to get injured by the cutting edge.
    • When food to slice gets small, please use the protector for safety and not get your hand cut. Alternatively, we recommend to use a knife.
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